Date of birth:	September 14, 1953

Job:        I am a computer programmer in Florida.  I have worked for Westinghouse,
            McDonnell Douglas, GTE, Florida Power, and Raymond James.

Hobbies:    My hobbies are movies (anything fun), reading (mystery, science fiction,
            horror, adventure), music (I like rock oldies best but try to keep up
            with what's happening currently), health (vitamins, exercise, etc.),
            and window shopping in large malls.  I have played the guitar (although
            not well) since I was about 9 years old.

Favorite Writers:       Roger Zelazny (sci-fi), Lawrence Sanders (mystery), Larry Niven (sci-fi), 
                        David Eddings (fantasy), and Stephen King (horror).

Other:	Married, one cat, no kids.

Me in November 2003

April 2006. My wife and me in Winter Park.

Unknown date. I look about 20.