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Math Tutor

One on one tutoring in Algebra or Trigonometry.

I have also tutored in Calculus more than once and am willing to do so again.
I know the subject, but don't claim the same sort of complete mastery, as in
algebra and trigonometry.

Available in the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area.
Available 7 days a week, outside of my normal 8 to 5 business hours.

Qualifications: BS and MS in Physics, and many years of work in science and engineering
Tampa resident for 18 years.

Fee $30 per hour.

I will come to you, you can come to me, or we can meet at a cafe.

My name is Brandon. Write to me at I welcome inquiries
and won't take them as any form of committment. You can also call (813) 789-8198.

Last updated 5/26/2013

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